2021 Products

Living Soil Solventless Live Rosin

The collaboration of Ahti Hash and Luma California began in Sonoma County, California with two companies who believe that cannabis is better when grown with intent. Using regenerative living soil practices, Luma California has eliminated all synthetics while maximizing the genetic potential of each cultivar in the garden. Ahti Hash has fine-tuned a low impact extraction method using water and low heat, making this collaboration a match to be reckoned with-and the ultimate exhibition of two companies life’s passion in a jar.

Luma Garden Mix

Garden Mix #1 is the first curated mix brought to you by the Ahti Farms X Luma California Collaboration. Unapologetically Gas and Cookie heavy, Garden Mix #1 is full of flavor and potency. With dominant inputs of Glue, Cookies, and Cake, look for tones of Chocolate creaminess. With a strong immediate head high that eventually takes over your entire body, Garden Mix #1 is a great nite cap or selection when it’s Friday and you ain’t got sh*t to do.

Luma Melons

Luma Melons Live Rosin is real hitter. Swinging out of the gates with an outrageously loud sweet melon profile, the smell and palette are reminiscent of a honey dew or watermelon at the peak of ripeness, lending almost to a sweet fermented candied fruit. Robust in flavor and nose, Luma Melons is a crowd pleaser for fruit profile enthusiasts, and hash aficionados alike. If the smell, taste and experience of consuming Luma Melons isn’t enough, the uplifting and relaxing high will put you in a headspace where the mind is free and happy.

Luma Duckfoot

A wild and interesting terpene profile combining old school gas with new school cookie cream; reminiscent of Sherb or Gelato.  When you first open the jar, you’ll get hints of cookie dough and some Original GSC notes. It taste like soapy sour apple with a classic cookie finish. The cookie dough taste seems to like to linger on your lips for awhile.

Luma Cake

Luma Cake Live Rosin is the Ahti Farms X Luma California adaptation of the well recognized Wedding Cake cultivar. Known for variation in flavor and profile depending on phenotype, Luma Cake offers a subtle spiciness on the front accompanied by a creamy/smooth exhale. A crowd favorite for its well rounded effects, Luma Cake will relax your body while giving the mind an enlightening, euphoric high. The more you consume the heavier the effects. If your looking for a classic experience with an eventual couch lock in high doses, Luma Cake is a great option.

Luma Hindu

Luma Hindu Live Rosin born from the Ahti Farms X Luma California collaboration. With spicy notes from the Middle Eastern Kush lineages paired with an esoteric fruitiness that lingers on the palette, Luma Hindu is a complex cultivar in both its flavor presentation and high. A true hybrid, Luma Hindu will leave you clear minded and focused while equally relaxed and ready to take on whatever the day, or night has in-store.

Luma Glue

The classic Glue terpene profile known widely for its incredible chocolate, fuel and wood bark tones. This turned out gassy. Extremely potent. Drooling almost, and it should put you down. The high starts in your face and forehead and will have you soaring for about 20 minutes before you get your second wind. If you like GG4 this is a complete preservation of all your favorite terps.

From cultivation to processing this product arrives to you with love and care from Sonoma County, California. Luma California, perched on the Western foot of Sonoma Mountain benefits from the Mediterranean climate  known for world renowned wines and boutique cannabis cultivation. Processed by Ahti Farms in West Sonoma County using only simple extraction techniques, our goal is to deliver to you the cleanest, highest quality product in a presentation truly representative of the plant it was extracted from.