Did you know there is more life below the ground than there is above?

All life above ground DEPENDS on the life below ground and as the saying goes, the soil is the stomach of the Earth. Healthy soil is an ecosystem of life teeming with biology and comprising of a habitat full of water, air, and shelter for microbes to thrive.

Here at Luma we create an economy of microorganisms that work together, symbiotically, with our cannabis plants. The soil is doing most of the work for us! We create diversity in our soils trying to add proper ratios of fungi, bacteria, protozoa, nematodes, arthropods, and earthworms that will constantly break down organic matter for the plant to spoon feed itself. The plant knows what it needs, when it needs it. We simply facilitate.

Our plants offer sugars in the form of exudates to the microbes in the soil in exchange for those nutrients.  In theory, the more good biodiversity we bring into the soil through our composting methods and inoculations, the more cannabinoids and terpenes we will find in our cannabis.

The living soils method allows our farm to thrive without using heavy chemicals and pesticides. When microbes and plant roots co-exist in soils or on leaf tissue, they work together to outperform any bad fungi or bacteria harmful to them, creating their perfect environment without the help of synthetics. We spray these organisms on our plants to form a “protective shield” to defend against molds and diseases that may land on them over the season.

This new cultivation revolution is what makes our cannabis truly the cleanest most tastiest on the planet. Grown with Intention.

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